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Switching to Mac: Real Stories

No Flashlight in Tha dude's Mouth

We gots married 'n started sharing one tube of toothpaste n' shit. We started sharing one computer 'n all n' shit. That shiznit wuz a PC.

Well, I’d go to use da computer, ie. , check my email, write a letter, simple tasks, 'n that shiznit wouldn’t hustle because my dear husband would has changed one little thing on da computer that messed everything else up. OR da computer would be in 100 pieces on da floor, 'n tha dude would be taking out cards, putting in cards, saying swear words through da drool-covered mini mag flashlight in tha dude's mouth… Tha dude wuz constantly tweeking, disassembling, reconfiguring n' shit. Upgrading… I could barely stand that shiznit.

Now we has 3 kids, know what I'm sayin'?

We gots a Mac n' shit.

Maybe that shiznit’s because my husband wants to play da “bunny game” wit our daughter rather than “let’s get da bunny game to hustle. ” Maybe that shiznit’s because my husband doesn’t want our two year old to find da stray case screws 'n eat 'em n' shit. Maybe that shiznit’s because my husband wanted to spend tha dude's time holding our baby, instead of “getting this program to hustle, know what I'm sayin'? ” Of course those reasons be gravy, but, I be like, “We gots da Mac because tha dude can’t mess that shiznit up, or take that shiznit apart, 'n that shiznit just works n' shit. ”

— LC

Wireless Liaisons

Da first time I mad appreciated da wonders of wireless 'n Rendezvous wuz at a conference in Munich, know what I'm sayin'? I went into a lecture rizzoom, flipped open my iBook, 'n straight away I had a net connection, know what I'm sayin'? I opened iChat, 'n my Rendezvous list just filled itself wit muthas, each wit a little photo n' shit.

A quick scan down da list found me looking at da photo of a lovely ho, who I could double-click on 'n start talking to 'bout da conference! I found out what lecture theatre brizzle wuz in 'n … well, my laptop PC never gots me dinner dates! ;-)

— PS
Ten Keystrokes Later…

One of da fools at hustle axed me how lizzong I’d been programming n' shit. I axed what year tha dude wuz born, know what I'm sayin'? 1978, tha dude be like, know what I'm sayin'? Gizzo away, I be like n' shit.

In over 25 years of programming, I never bothered wit a Mac n' shit. They wuz toys n' shit. Yo' ass found 'em in schools 'n places where da artistic crowd played. My sandboxes required huge, hulking, cryptic, power sucking, intense things, know what I'm sayin'? If I want to make a newsletter, I’ll ax a high schooler to do that shiznit, I thizzought, know what I'm sayin'?

CompUSA had some sitting around 'n I kind of half-heartedly tapped around on one a bit, know what I'm sayin'? I tapped on “Terminal” 'n ten keystrokes later, I wuz hooked on da Mac 'n OS X. Lurking insiiiiide this little box wuz all da power I’d used over da years to create some hella sophisticated applications — all wrapped in a package that wuz perfectly easy to navigate 'n manipulate n' shit.

That shiznit wuz da computer that had been waiting fo' me all its life.

— GM

Three Months Running

Yo' ass’re only 20? I hear that shiznit all da time, that shiznit’s like being in da position I am at da age of 20 years old is impossible to some muthas. Moreso, da next question is “Why do yo' ass use a Mac?”. And then da tha deal begins:

Since da age of 14 I has been a UNIX geek. I haven’t been able to get 'nuff since I wuz introduced to that shiznit, know what I'm sayin'? I always had PCs running FreeBSD, Linux, 'n so on. Being a Network Engineer means that I has to has a notebook wit me at all times, as yo' ass never know when yo' ass gots to need console, net access, or just has to jot something down. This is where my iBook comes in, know what I'm sayin'? That shiznit not only runs OS X, which to me is da coolest thing ever, that shiznit has also recorded uptimes on that shiznit as high as 3 months! 3 months without rebooting a notebook, taking that shiznit everywhere, using that shiznit at crib 'n at hustle, in environments that would not be best suited fo' computers, rollin' in my hooptie, 'n even just lounging on da couch, know what I'm sayin'?

So I break that shiznit down to my customers 'n coworkers, THIS is why I use a Mac n' shit. 3 months of abuse, constant use, 'n that shiznit has never failed me n' shit. Now I just can’t wait to order a TiBook!

— NT
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Richard Ziskin

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