Some interesting Z scale links
American Z Lines (AZL)
Locomotive sets.

Father Nature Trees
Rolling stock.

Freudenreich Feinwerktechnik (FR)
Locomotives and rolling stock.

Primary Z scale manufacturer.

Starter sets, locomotives and rolling stock.
Ztrack Magazine
The only magazine published in North America that deals exclusively with Z trains, this is a must have for the serious Z enthusiast

Yahoo! Nn3 User Forum
While not a Z link... exactly, Nn3 is narrow gauge modelling using Marklin chassis and Z scale track. Very creative folks.

Nn3 Home Page
A good reference for Z scale track measurements from Marklin, Peco and Micro-Trains. Follow the "Nn3 Trackwork" link.

Z Scale Speed Calculator
Exactly how fast are your trains going?, figure it out with this online calculator!

Babel Fish Language Translator
A very handy page for translating those German eBay sites. Translate a word, phrase or an entire web page.
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