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    Wednesday, September 15th, 2004
    Hey there, slackums
    Tonight I get to wander through an abandoned mall and pick out which fixtures and cases I want for my own store. It's good to have friends in high places, and the head of security and maintenance from when I had my store there has been in charge of supervising the preparations for destroying the entire structure.

    I can't describe what it's like to enter a dead space that huge, not like being out in the middle of nowhere but existing alone inside a manmade thing of incredible proportions. Millions of people have tromped through going this way or that, workers and consumer whores. Shoplifters I chased through, overweight weebles of security guards bouying among the clothing racks.

    I got to raid the Macy's after it had been closed for a few years. Stagnant pools of water had warped the tiles here and there, an ammo selling guide lay over there, lots of dead space with crap nobody deemed important enough to take or auction off. And now the entire mall is like that.

    I guess this is as good an excuse as any to waste the last of the film in my funsaver I've been toting all over the country.
    [ _babynothing_ ]
    I left pro ana and chose recovery...still not sure about it but I'm giving it a go
    Hope everyone is well

    I wonder what they will call it. "Elderly Gap"? "Geriatric Gap"?
    I hope the clothes aren't hideous and actually fit a normal person's body. Not that I am much for The Gap anyway.

    I still think she needs a reality show.
    ay ay ay
    Burning Man pictures are in. I look okay in some of them, but there's no clear Christmas Card 2004 winner. Eh.

    Here I am rawking my burn night outfit:

    Here I am with my non-scary stalker Santas and I LOVE this one because OMG look at how dusty my fro is!!!!

    I might find motivation to post more pics later, but now I'm just kinda blah about them. There were cute ones of [info]captncarrie, but I'll let her be in charge of posting those.
    OK. Eric verbally abused that flooping fat, short troll that made me cry on the phone and dropped the f-bombs in the shelter. Eric and Lyzi = the most highly inappropriate couple on the planet.

    It's her and since they did jaw and eye surgery on her, they are drawing up a bill and we PROBABLY will be able to take her home today. *Sigh* What a flooping process.

    The girl was giving Eric a wicked hard time about even seeing Little. She was all like "I told her that this cat had been spayed and she said HER cat was already spayed." And then it turns out the flooping troll had no idea what she was talking about. Little HAD NOT been spayed while at the shelter. She HAD been spayed 6 or 7 years ago WHEN WE BROUGHT HER. I guess Little was PSYCHED to see Eric. He said her eye was all jacked up and the pic on the site is from before her surgery and that she has a huge scar.

    Can't wait to see the sugery(ies) bill. This should be sweet.
    Whats Hanging Behind Her?? What kind of mural is that?? Origami paper?
    Martha Stewart just interrupted Bette Midler.

    I dont really care that you are going to prison. It will be the cushiest damn prison on the planet, and we all know it. If my friend in Alabama got a year in a dormlike atmosphere and his ROOMMATE was in for more than a decade... IN A DORM... I think you'll frickin' live.

    I cant believe you just said you are sad youll be in jail for CHRISTMAS.

    Oh. Emm. Gee.

    Edit HAHAHAHAHA "I hope to be home before early March, to plant the spring garden."
    IT'S HER

    YOU floopING See You Next TuesdayS

    MY CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the support everybody.

    Update: The shelter people are being floopS
    I'M GOING TO KILL THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    More on Little, now that I'm calmer.

    It's flooping her. No one else has a goofy looking cat with a tan spot on the head AND A DOT NOSE.

    They're saying they spayed her in July. SHE WAS SPAYED. I don't flooping know if they didn't do it right or forgot to TAKE OUT HER UTERUS. I'm telling you. I'm not crazy.


    I'm flooping hysterical!!!

    The lady was MEAN to me. I told her I'd email her pics and she was like OK, CRAZY LADY. Practically!
    The Bork just SASSED me.



    Belated Birthday Wishes

    Happy Belated Birthday to [info]ellinger. I'm sorry that I missed it, but I hope that you had a great day!

    Current Mood: happy
    Birthday Wishes

    Happy Birthday to [info]virginiadare! I hope that you have a wonderful day!

    Current Mood: happy
    [ arwen8 ]
    Love yourself
    I just found this as a motto of someone in a newsgroup:

    "Liebe dich, dann wirst du geliebt."

    That can be translated as: Love yourself and you will find love.
    Or: Love yourself and you will be loved.

    There is so much truth in it... so I wish us all that we truly start to love ourself - and we will find so much more love in life then... If we start to believe and live it - it can turn our life to a much more happy one.

    Let me know what you think about it. Thanks...
    Boston area friends: I'm looking for something fun for me and a girlfriend (and the kids, of course) to do tomorrow in Boston. We both enjoy eating and shopping. HELP.
    Yesterday morning when I tried to read my Friends page from the library during my prep, half of it was blocked because of language. Today ALL OF IT is unreadable. I don't know who's pottymouthing it up in there, but suffice it to say that you've made baby Jesus cry.

    Current Mood: disappointed
    My teeth hurt.
    Those of you who have done the braces thing understand.
    These MO BITCHES are coming off in April, and I can't wait.
    Yesterday Dr. Roy decided it was time for me to wear the super hot elastics.
    You know, the ones that make your mouth look like a death trap.
    I feel so hot.


    OK, I'm lying. I feel unattractive and in pain. I AM GOING TO KILL SOMEBODY
    I think im the only person in the WORLD that can wake up with a sore neck, sore throat, clogged up head , and achey body and my ears hurting, WHEN IVE ALREADY BEEN ON ANTIBIOTICS for almost a week.

    Tuesday, September 14th, 2004
    not ready! not ready!
    Here I was, all smug and thinking that I was ready for tomorrow. Know where and when I'm going? Check. Abstaining from everything other than clear fluids? I'm on it. Returning library books? Yeppers. I was ready to leave my East Van abode early tomorrow morning, I was sure of it.

    One small thing, though: anti-embolism stockings. Have them? Nope.

    Aw, floop. Shit and Goddamn.

    For those who've never been through anything like this (surgery, not eleventh-hour floop-ups), anti-embolism stockings are not just something you can pick up as an impulse purchase at your local Safeway, not even at the Pharmacy. Nope, these are stockings that you have to be fitted for at your better pharmacies, the kind that deal in more than prescriptions and aspirin. And few of your better pharmacies are open beyond six p.m. or before eight a.m.. I have to be at the hospital at eight. To put it delicately, I'm screwed.

    I thought I had a back-up in the stockings from the previous surgery. Hey, I only wore them once, and it's not like this is a fashion show or anything. Unfortunately, they seem to have disappeared. Okay, so I probably left them behind last time, thinking I'd never wear them again. I was wrong. I can admit that now.

    The only thing left for me to do is see if I can delay my admittance time until after 8:30 so I can run to the pharmacy across the street from the hospital to get some anti-embolism stockings there. Seeing as how I usually don't see anyone until 8:30, that really shouldn't be a problem. Hopefully.

    Well, kids. I'm starving, headachey, and panicked. Feels like the last time. Only I had stockings then. Sigh. Why am I such a floop-up?

    Current Mood: stressed
    Jen put up my 42 word review of Oryx and Crake today on horse less press. If you have not looked there, you might want to play around on the site. There are some neat things and I like the 42 word reviews and have added several books from it to my Amazon wish list.

    I actually really liked Oryx and Crake, but mostly for entertainment value. I really have to reject any notion that it is as important as Handmaid's Tale. And I am astonished at the idiotic quote on the cover of the book from the LA times insinuating that she has out Orwelled, Orwell. Not quite.

    Oryx and Crake looks at what happens when man unlocks all the secrets to the basic building blocks of life. And yes, technically it is frightening because you could see some mad scientists doing bad things with the technology, but so what? What do I do with this knowledge? The awareness of reproductive rights that you take away from Handmaid's tale do not work here. What good does being aware of possible horrors of gene-gineering do? In short, Atwood completely ignores the issue of if this path is inevitable or not, which is a key place to start. Are we doomed already now that we are on the path? Because the science is not going to stop.

    I really felt that her treatment of the possible fears of genetic manipulation were so overly simplified that the whole point is lost. Read the Transmetropolitan comic books for a much better look at the horrors of a society bent on flooping with everything they can.

    On the other hand...I am still recommending this book. Because although I think it is not a serious discussion, Atwood is still a brilliant writer. And she has completely outdone herself with the tech jokes and timeliness of the humor.

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    Wednesday, September 15th, 2004
    Ive been reading since 5:30. Not that this is a bad thing, cuz its not. But it's funny how time just passes when your reading. You dont think about things going on , you dont think about ANYTHING. the next thing you know its 1:15 am and the whole night is gone. It's scary, yet wonderful at the same time.
    Tuesday, September 14th, 2004
    Costume Carnage
    Remember the glory of my I Heart Gerlach t-shirt? The one I slaved over FOR EVERRRRRRRR?

    Well guess what happens when your dad decides to throw your whites in with his and then bleaches them all?

    So then in addition to the dead t-shirt, there are like a BILLION rhinestones in the washing machine and all of the other whites turn green. Peridot, actually...since that was the actual shade of the green stones.
    Since [info]ardaliz brought up the subject of christenings, I started thinking about Matthew's....And here is my question to you all:

    Should I christen him in a gown or the little one-piece jumpsuit thingy?
    hey. so i have an idea. i like reading, but i am a very distractable boy and don't read nearly as much as i'd like to. i also like having people around and telling them about the weird things i am reading.
    so! i propose we start up a reading club, or something. like, we all sit around somewhere and read and chat and eat snacks. it will rule. CAN I GET A WITNESS??
    ooh! we can use the executive conference room in the mub for xxxtreme comfort. or like, out in the park, but it's gettin kinda cold out. or anywhere really. yeah.

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